Wednesday 20 September 2023

Basic Pan-African Principles that all Pan-Africanists Must Follow

(1). Embrace African Nationality: An African refers to any person of African Descent/Black worldwide.

(2). Nationality is not limited by geographical location. It's based on your ancestry and family lineage. While other nationalities are based on where you were born, the African Nationality is universal identity and not based on where you were born but who you are.

(3). Pan-Africanists reject Selling of their nationality as this is not a gift someone bestows another.

You are either born a European or an African based on your ancestry.

(4). No Separatism: Pan-Africanists reject any form of separatist ideas or ideologies that further contribute to continuous disintegration of Africa.

(5). No Tribalism/Nepotism: Pan-Africanism embraces the African Identity, common history and destiny of all people of African descent as a unifying force to make us stand together.

(6). Zero Tolerance to Corruption: Corruption erodes integrity and wounds the soul. Pan-Africanism does not tolerate or accommodate any form of corruption.

(7). Strict observance of the Laws of Maat: In order for us to undertake this huge task of African Liberation we must be pure in spirit and strive to perfection every day. In order to be our best the laws of Maat provide all the wisdom we need to be our best.

Maat was the rule of law and moral justice among the ancient Kemet people, and the divine cosmological order within their mythology, astronomy, and astrophysical studies.

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