Wednesday 13 September 2023


On this day 12 September in 1977, Steve Biko died, infact he was brutally murdered by white man South African anti-apartheid activist, Steve Biko died on this day while in police custody. Biko has been called the “anti-apartheid movement’s first icon”.

Well what Steve Biko preached was for Us to be Black and Proud, for our melanin skin to be our Crowns, for us to find beauty in our blackness and not only that, but for us to know that “Re Sechaba sa Rantsho” and “Ubumnyama bwethu ubuhle bendalo yethu” Ubuntu is our African Proverb. We are the children of the soil of Africa and Africa is the place of our birth ......

ABELUNGU KILLED BIKO not because Steve Biko was Anti-White but only because he saw the open window of white Supremacy. When Steve Biko quoted these words “ The most potent weapon for the  Oppressor is the mind of the oppressed“.

What he meant was that, Black people have been enslaved, prejudiced, stigmatized, condemned and made to believe that they are Incapable whereas they posses the ability to actually strive and maneuver the Manipulation as well as the oppression that has been instilled  by White Supremacy. Mental slavery is Real World and our people are swimming in it.

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