Tuesday 12 September 2023


Sungbo Eredo is a very big historical sight in Yorùbá land. It extended from Òkè Eri to Ìjẹ̀bú òde to Ẹ̀pẹ̀. The person who said that Sugbo Eredo was built between 900 AD to 1000 AD lost their mind. Archaeology says that Bilikisu Sugbo aka Queen of Sheba tomb is 2,500 years old which means that it is very impossible for the Eredo city to be built in 500BC. The city was built before her death and that is why I added the Tower from Yemen that was formerly known as Shaba written as Sheba in the bible to this post. Africa ancestors started high rising building. Just like I learnt that our Ọ̀yọ́ ilé that was destroyed by Fulani was a big city with different architectural design. I added some Africa town Architecture to this post. We can see that when they colonised us, they change the structure of our building and they use the structure of our ancient architectural design to develop their own country.

I don't agree that Bilikisu sungbo was a Muslim. I am searching for the archaeology evidence from where I saved it that I will upload soon that show Shango worship a Kingdom of Shaba. Our people gave her the name Bilikisu from Koran and they taught that Arabic writing is from Islam. Arabaic writing is from Kingdom of Shaba before Prophet Mohammed was born. It was invented by great grandfather of Bilikisu sungbo according to the ancient Kingdom of Shaba history.

Our ancestors that we look down on actually started all civilisation. It is good for us to go back to the past so that we can be familiar with hidden truth. We lost everything to colonisation their religion we become slave to their myth. We can see in front of the door of the building from Togo where Totem were used for historical narration.

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