Wednesday 27 September 2023


You might have heard people say that Africa had no civilizations, but that's not true at all! It is mostly said in wilful ignorance.

African societies did amazing things:

(1). They grew over 2000 types of crops.

(2). Built 1,000 kingdoms, empires, federations, city-states and more.

(3). Had 30 societies that could read and write.

(4). Achieved 65 big advances way back before 5000 BC.

(5). They were super creative - making 1000 musical instruments and creating art, sculptures, and story-telling.

African Crops: They grew crops like African rice, pearl millet, sorghum, and more.

African Civilizations: There were big ones like the Egyptian Empire, Ghana Empire, Mali Empire, and the Songhai Empire.

Literate Societies: Some people could read and write in places like Egypt, Kush, Aksum, Mali, Songhay and the Swahili city-states.

Ancient Advances: They invented things like clothes, sewing needles, jewelry, compound glue, the lunar calendar, and even calculators using bone tools a long time ago.

Culture: They made beautiful art, sculptures, and instruments like the Kora.

So, Africa had awesome civilizations with rich history, art and achievements!

Picture - Ethiopian woman

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