Sunday 17 September 2023

Ancient Ethiopia: The Land Of Punt

The land Of Punt is a Pre-Colonial African Kingdom that comes to us from accounts of Ancient Ethiopia by Ancient Greek writers like Herodotus describing it as a land occupied by Black Skinned Africans located in the entire area between the Nile Delta all the way into the Eastern Sudan.

To the  Ancient Kemites (Egyptians), Ethiopia was The Land Of Punt, a description for the rest of Africa South of Nubia.

This region ran from Somalia through modern Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Congo, Angola, Tanzania, and Namibia all the way down to South Africa.

Thus to the people of the Nile Valley Culture, the entire part of the African continent that lay beyond the Sahara desert formed the “Land of Punt”.

Due the mercantile character of the people of Ethiopia throughout history, the Ethiopians of Punt also sailed their ships on the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

Ancient References To Ancient Ethiopian Punt

Ancient Greek Writers like Herodotus had lofty praises for the Ancient Ethiopians of Punt describing the Ethiopians as the highest, most beautiful and most favoured by the Gods.

The Bible’s Old Testament also makes reference to the Ethiopian Land of Punt when the Queen of Sheba travels to Jerusalem to meet King Solomon.

Modern Ethiopia is a diminished version of the Ethiopian Land Of Punt described by Ancient Greek Writers and visualised by the people of the Nile Valley.

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