Wednesday 29 March 2023

The Wonder of Scorpion Tail

If you know anyone suffering from prostate problem and difficulty to urinate, please the above plant just healed my brother of enlarged prostate complications within three days! He was meant to go for an operation and already carrying urinary bag around. In short, he was already dying...then someone introduced the above plant to him, and he took a little quantity of the juice extracted from it twice a day and that was it! Within three days, the catheter dropped off and he started urinating by himself. All the symptoms disappeared. The plant is called "igbe orí àkùkọ" in Yoruba language. It is called scorpion tail in English. Please don't continue to suffer in silence when the solution to the problem is readily available and affordable.


  1. Good morning Mr Oduntan..
    Please how can I get this plant..I need it for a friend.Yhe Wonder Scropion tail plant.
    Thank you

  2. Pls how can I get this plant or what is it called in Igbo language

  3. How is it called in lukonjo language


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