Tuesday 7 March 2023

Ogongo (Ostrich) was the largest of all Birds (Ose Olubadan)

She had a majestic way of walking; she walked like a queen among the Birds. She did not need to fly but could run fast. The way she used to run over the fields was more than compensation for her inability to fly. She was highly respected in the kingdom of birds. She had been given her due respect and honor. Nothing happened in the kingdom of the Birds outside of her knowledge or without her consent. On the other hand, Olongo was one of the smallest Birds on earth. She could fly but lacked the ability to walk and run like Ogongo. She could only jump a small distance before taking off in flight. She nevertheless kept dreaming of the day when she would be in the position of walking and running like Ogongo. She believed that walking and running like Ogongo was the ultimate achievement in her life. She was also convinced that this was the only way she could be honored and respected. For Olongo, the fulfillment of her destiny was the most important thing she could do in her life. And she felt that walking and running alongside Ogongo was the path that would lead her to fulfill her destiny.

One day, she plans to go on a long trip. She announced her intention to all the other Birds. Olongo saw this as the opportunity she had been waiting for. That is why she approached the Awo mentioned above for Ifa's consultation: Would she be able to walk and run like Ogongo? Would she grow to the size, or almost the size, of Ogongo to strengthen her ability to travel and walk like Ogongo? Would she be respected and honored like Ogongo?

The Awo told Olongo that she had not been created by God to be as big as Ogongo. Not only that, but she had also not been destined to be as honorable as Ogongo. Instead, God had destined her to be the most beautiful and prestigious of all the Birds on earth. The Awo advised Olongo to concentrate her efforts on increasing the talents and potentials which had been granted to her by God. Consequently, on that the Awo advised her to offer ebo with a mature hen, red cloth, white cloth, brown cloth, blue cloth, yellow fabric.

As soon as Olongo offered the ebo, Esu Odara went to work. He changed the feathers on Olongo's body to red, white, blue, yellow, and brown. The combination of the colors was beautifully put together and artistically designed in such a way that changed the life and appearance of Olongo completely. All the other Birds, animals, rats, and fish that saw Olongo after the ebo were offered to look at her with amazement and stupor. They could not believe what they saw.

On the day that Olongo and Ogongo traveled on their trip, Olongo rode on Ogongo's back and stayed there until they reached their destination. All those who saw Ogongo gave them their honor and respect. It does not end there; they gave Olongo her well-deserved prestige and complementary greetings for being the most beautiful bird that God created on earth.

Sese Olongo Piri Aparo = Sese Olongo Edu o le ja Sese Olongo:

The wisdom of the Olongo Bird and the agility of Aparo, the quail - When he was going to take wrestling as a profession - The wisdom of Olongo - Olongo is truly intelligent - Edu (Ifa) does not need to engage in any physical combat - Sese Olongo if you throw Ifa, you must offer rat - If you consult Ifa you need to offer fish - If your query to Ifa, you need to offer birds. (Ose Meji = Ose Olubadan)

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