Saturday 25 March 2023

A Wise Cat Who Thinks About Tomorrow Will Not Kill A Pregnant Rat (Odu "Obara" Erindilogun)

Ogun kills the creditor, river drowns the debt collector. Sonpona kills the enemy. Sleeping becomes sleeping. I will sleep as I like, I will wake as I like." Cast for Civet Cat (Eta) who was among enemies.

!! There was Civet Cat, he was serving Viper (Oka), Leopard (Ekun), Hyena (Ikoko) as their pawn. What should he do so that he could be free from his creditors?

Ebo: Ibori Civet Cat should have foods, and drinks and sacrifice to his head, and he should invite those he knew. He sacrificed to his head.

((He did not belong to a club; he did not have a single friend except Leopard, Hyena, and Viper. There were these three, and he invited them. They said, "All right there will be beer." They ate and drank. Hyena said, "let us know each other's Taboos, as we are friends, so that we may not fight." Leopard said, "What is your Taboo?" Hyena said, "Of all the things that I hate in this world, there is none worse than a person should look at my anus." Leopard said, "Mine is simple, don't throw dust on me." Viper said, "People may cover me with dirt, people may look at me, but my rule is that people should not touch me with anything."

Hyena was the first to get up, he said he was going out to urinate. When leopard was looking at him, he said, "So this is what a person's anus looks like." Hyena looked back once, twice; on the third time he saw how Leopard was looking at him. He went behind Leopard and threw dust on him. Leopard jumped up and they began to fight. When they were fighting, they stepped-on Viper, Viper bit Hyena, and he bit Leopard, and both of them died. Civet Cat sat looking at them. After a while Civet Cat heard a hunter coming; he slipped away.

When the hunter arrived there, he found Leopard's and Hyena's bodies. When he looked down, he saw Viper, and he killed him. So it happened that if Civet Cat sleeps, no one can waken him anymore, except when he gets hungry. This is why Cats can sleep more than all other animals; and he has a settled heart; his mind is at ease, and his sleep indescribable.

“In a day, when you don’t come across any problems – you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path. A sacrifice for rest should be offered. Have peace of mind.”

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