Friday 31 March 2023

The Yoruba Spirituality

The spiritual and historical antecedents of a people are summed up in their culture. Hence the Christian faith is only relevant in the acknowledged existence of a Jewish Culture and History.  As well as Islam an acknowledgment of Arabic and Arabian truisms. 

There's no way you can embrace a religion without validating the historical claims and prejudices of a people. If the claims are based on the need to justify the historical exploitation of a people then the appreciation of these claims are also an indent agreement that the exploitation and oppression of the said people are justified and divinely sanctioned.  

The Divine Right of Rule basically expresses that some beings are higher in the Creator's Ascendancy than others. Embracing that faith does not place you higher but is an admission that in that creative scheme of things you actually belong in the lower rungs. That is essentially a trading of your birthright for a piece of porridge with different flavour from your own divinely enshrined essence.    


(Ela. The Opening of the Walls)

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