Saturday 25 March 2023

Historical Antecedent Of Alageere Of Ago-are In Oyo State

Historical records shows that ODUNTAN is the progenitor of Alageere Chieftaincy Family. He hailed from Offa town in the present day Kwara State. He was a Prince of Olofa Royal Family and contested for the Olofa Royal stool, his unsuccessful bid to ascend the throne of Olofa consequently trigged his movement out of Offa town to westward after consulting IFA (Oracle) who ordered him to migrate out of Offa with his Family and settle at Sunset where one great bird called "AGBIGBO" makes Sound.

He contested with Bamgbola-Aremu (8th Olofa) of Anilelerin ruling house in 1786. When he was leaving Offa, he did not leave his powerful juju Staff called AGANRAN behind.

On his way to the place, Prince ODUNTAN was first settled at Oyo Ile by "Alaafin Aoole", he and his people were given a warm reception during their brief stay at AGBODEFUN compound.

Prince ODUNTAN, the custodian of Traditional staff "AGANRAN" was finally settled on the order of Alaafin of Oyo at the ILUKU HILL with the help of his powerful Traditional staff (AGANRAN is his indicator of Direction to go), he was the first to settle at ILUKU HILL.

At ILUKU HILL, he was surrounded by many settlement and communities such as the Agbonsiko (The present Gbojaye and Komu), the Gbaagba(The present Okaka Town), the Ito and the Obatala(Sando).

ODUNTAN got the wind of the belligerence of the Sokoto and Dahomey invaders, in order to ensure the safety and protection of his people, he fortified his domain with juju thread aided by his powerful juju called AGANRAN, hence the invaders could not reach his place of abode, ILUKU HILL. During the middle of the invasion of the area, Several settlements and communities [i.e Agbonsiko, Gbaagba, Obatala (Sando) and Ito] fled and sought refuge, under the Ageere People at ILUKU hill who warmly received and accommodated them, and they all co-existed and regarded him as their head and landlord.

After the fall of Iluku hill, the descendants of Alageere Oduntan (The first Alageere), some of them settled at Ofiki and others settled at Ago Opopo(the present Ago-Are). [No wonder Ago Are and Ofiki share the same historical records] for the sake of emphasis,the present Ago Are was originally called and knows as Ago-Opopo and composed of three distinct separate and autonomous quarters, These are (I) Ageere under the leadership of Alageere (ii) Sando under the leadership of Aare Sando (III) Ito under the leadership of Baale Ito.

However, it was during the reign of Aare Lakanla (Sando) that brought a new historical twist to the nomenclature of the town, Ago- Opopo thereafter became Ago-Are. Aare Lakanla's Mother was a daughter of Alapiini Oyo family, a member of the powerful oyomesi, the traditional cabinet of Oyo Empire. Aare Lakanla used the connection of his maternal uncle the Alapiini to warm himself to the embrace of the Alaafin. He sought and got the Alaafin to rename Ago-Opopo as Ago-Are.

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