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Agbon Oniregun – Coconut of Reproach “Spiritual Use” (Irete Ogbe)

The God of Whiteness and his son Akala (one of his attendants) and Orunmila and his son Amosun (one of the Awoni) left Olodumare and came from heaven to earth, where they met two hundred people. They placed the two hundred people in charge of Akala and gave him a Drum. When they reached Oketase, Orunmila planted vegetable seeds and yams for Amosun to eat, and he and the God of Whiteness returned to heaven. Amosun’s vegetables and yams grew well, but Akala and his people soon ate what food they had. They were too hungry to dance; one of them tried to beat Akala’s Drum, but he was so hungry he became dizzy and fell. Then Akala gave two of his followers to Amosun in return for food; and when that was gone, he gave Amosun two more. Finally, when he had given all his people to Amosun, he traded his Drum for food. Then Akala was left with nothing. 

After two years had passed, Orunmila and the God of Whiteness decided to visit the earth to see how their children were faring. When they reached Ita Yemo (the street of the wife of the God of Whiteness), they asked where they could find Akala, but no one knew him. They asked again at Ojaife market and again at the house of the Goddess of Money (Ile Aje), but no one knew him. Then Orunmila said “Let us ask for my son, Amosun, to see if anyone knows him.” They asked for Amosun and were told, “he stays at Oketase Ile-Ife beating his Drum.” When they reached Oketase Ile-Ife, they saw Amosun wearing a crown, with many people dancing before him. Amosun shook his Cow-tail switch at Orunmila and sent eight people to greet him, saying, “Amosun greets you; he who has food will give you food, those who are hungry for meat. He who feeds a friend with his followers, he greets you.” Then Amosun’s people took Orunmila’s bag and ate the six Coconuts he had inside it. 

In disgust Orunmila reproached his son, “Amosun, I am your father! I looked for you but could not find you. Finally, I came here and when I saw you, you would not get up and come to meet me. You only shook your Cow tail switch at me, and your followers took my coconuts and ate them. Ah!” Then the people were sorry and said “Oh, this is the father who brought us Coconuts.” That is why people say that they took the “Coconuts of reproach” (Agbon Oniregun). 

Orunmila said that Amosun should always sacrifice to him at that spot, and he left with him the boy whom he had bought to come with him and help carry his load. This boy they called “The one he bought to come” (A-ra-bo), and he was the first Araba Ile-Ife (the highest ranking Awoni). Then Orunmila tied a cloth around his waist, sank into the ground, and turned into stone. That is why they still sacrifice to Orunmila at that very spot at Oketase Ile-Ife until today.

We have seen the usage of Coconut in many ways, in Ifa, the Coconut is largely used for Ibori. You have seen many people break the Coconut in front of deities. You can find that the Coconut is the most demanded item that we brought for worship. Significance of Coconut is considered to be the procedure of Coconut, where it defines that the upper part of the Coconut shows that you have to work hard enough to achieve success in any work. When a person breaks the Coconut while worshipping, it is considered to be a way of humbling yourself to God and shows we are removing the difficulties or problems from our life. It’s believed that if you find a Coconut in your dreams, you could expect a gift.  

Coconut signals a time of transition and inner reflection, especially if we are feeling restless or unfulfilled. Coconut inspires us to embark on a deeper more meaningful journey within our soul.

The Coconut palm tree (Ope-Agbon) is called “the tree which provides all the necessities of life. Smashing the Coconut is symbolic of annihilating the ego and humbling oneself before God.  

Coconut Palm Tree (Ope-Agbon) is called the ‘Tree of Life’, ‘The tree from heaven which gives all that you desire’ by those living in coastal areas. Coconut is a cleaning tool in Rituals that can be eaten and served for the purposes to put The Divine first and foremost, after completing and starting the accomplishments of any desires.   

Coconut have the ability to absorb energy. So, you can charge a Coconut with your intentions or energies from mantras and pujas. Such a Coconut should be brown colored and have water inside, you can shake it to confirm, the water will slosh inside it. And should have a tuft of brown fibers at the point where it has its three ‘eyes’.

If you  express an intention for something in the future, birth of a child, then such a Coconut is kept near your altar in your house, until the wish is fulfilled. After which it can be is deposited in running water or the sea.

If the intention is for something continuing, profits from your factory, it is kept at your altar in your office in the factory forever.

If the intention is for general welfare and happiness, often during a ritual, then it is broken after the ritual and its water and white is distributed as offering to all the members of the family.

If the intention is for removal of negative energies from your aura, then the Coconut waved 3 times clockwise around your head, then taken outside the house, broken in one dash, and put in running water – sea - under a tree somewhere.

But most commonly a Coconut is used in temples, where devotees charge a Coconut with their wish and dashed to pieces in front of the deity. Most temples have a specific area with a stone placed where devotees can dash and break their Coconuts. This is very auspicious and if done with sufficient energy actually manifests the desire.

Coconut is extraordinary because its liquid ‘Coconut water’ is similar to the water inside your body’s cells. When you intend, every cell of your body participates in creating this intention. So, in rather cryptic way, the energy of your thought resonates with the water inside your cells and also in the water of the Coconut you hold in your hands. If you are required to keep it in your altar, it acts as an energy battery, an object of positive auspicious energies.

But sometimes you have to break open the Coconut. The energy released and the water split has the power to amplify the intention and carry it to the dimensions of creation. The energies of these dimensions are linked to the chakras with your energy body. Depending on the power of your intention, the breaking of the Coconut can carry it to the highest possible energy levels and manifest your wish from the highest energy planes.

Coconut is a very cryptic and very auspicious fruit which you can program and use as a tool in your energy work in several ways.

(( Seal of Destiny: Coconut is believed to have powers to seal one’s destiny and protect it from the attack of evil people. Coconut is used for prayers to secure the destiny of an individual who has faith in such as it is said that no one knows how water enters through it so no one will temper with your destiny.  

(( Spiritual Protection: Eating of Coconut has the power of protecting you from spiritual attacks. It is believed that the mere presence of the Coconut tree in your house sacks evil spirits. When thunder strikes in a household where there is a Coconut tree, the tree takes the thunder strike protecting the household from harm or injury. 

!! The more you eat Coconut with this understanding the safer you get spiritually.!!

Aboru Aboye Abosise Gbogbo Eriwo... 

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