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Irosun Opinmi 5-5-3-2-1 for selection of (16) Ikins

==Bi Awo meji ba rira won lojo won a da bi Iye kan== 

"When two Awo known each other just for a day, they will relate with each other as siblings" (Irosun Irete = Irosun Opinmi) 

== The myth according to Odu Ifa Irosun Irete also known as Irosun Opinmi have it that in Ancient time. A man known as Opinmi who is a practicing Babalawo in certain hermit sometime in the past. He works hard and try everything necessary to become successful but failed to become successful and have money. He makes Ifa consultations to know how to come out of his ugly situation and become rich. Ifa told him to embark on Ifa mission to Ife Ooyelagbo. Ifa predict that when he gets to Ife Ooyelagbo that people of Ife will be mean to him, they will treat him shabbily and with disdain. But he should persevere and endure. In the end he will be vindicated and become blessed. He was advised to offer ebo, he complied.

He carries all his Ifa paraphernalia when he got to Ife Ooyelagbo as a stranger, he has nowhere to stay. The head to the house of the Oluwo who the Araba Awo of Ife Ooyelagbo. The latter when his discover and ascertain that he is a Babalawo, he decided to accommodate him in his house as if he have known him before. As depicted in the Odu Ifa Irosun Irete that Bi Awo meji ba rira won lojo won a da bi Iye kan (When two Awo known each other just for a day, they will relate with each other as siblings) notwithstanding this accommodation  gesture received by Opinmi. His life remains unchanged despite his great knowledge of Ifa. 

The Awo of Ife Ooyelagbo treat him with disdain, they do not allow him to go out with them to their affluent client abode for divination. The Olofin of Ife Ooyelagbo usually invite the Awo in Ife to make Ifa consultation for him every five days. They will not take Opinmi along. They will say he is too wretched that he will spoil their business and below their rank in sight of the king and affluent clients. If king, ask of him they will tell the king that he is not a genuine Babalawo that he does not have any knowledge of Ifa he is just a mere businessman looking for money. That is how the Awo in Ife Ooyelagbo behave towards Opinmi in Ancient time.

When the situation of Opinmi become hopeless and his life become worse, and he even become dehumanize that he was before coming to Ife Ooyelagbo due to cruel and inhuman nature of the Awo in Ife Ooyelagbo towards him. Poor Opinmi think of what to do. He said he will no longer practice this Ifa again. He said the Ifa have not been favorable to him. He decided to throw all his Ikin and Ifa paraphernalia to fast flowing river where he will not be able to recover it and forget about anything about Ifa. He did pack all the items and went to a big flowing river. He throws all his Ikin Ifa and Ifa paraphernalia into the river.  He also attempts suicide by jumping into the river. But in the process of jumping, he hit his leg with big clog of wood in the river. The sound of agony which the nearby people in their farm heard and rush to the river, they quickly dove into the river and saved him. He explained his ordeal and reason for his action. Some of the people who are Babalawo among the people present when they got wind that he has thrown all his Ikin into the river. They quickly dive into the river after one another to find the number of Ikin they lay their hand upon and retrieve it.

History have it that the first person to bring retrieve (5) five Ikin Is Ora, hence we have Arun Ora. The second person Osin retrieve another (5) five Ikin hence we have Arun Osin. The third person Eguntan retrieve (3) three hence we have Eta Eguntan. The fourth person Irete retrieve (2) two hence Eji Irete, the last person to dive retrieve just (1) one hence we have Okan soso niti Olufidan. When they can pack the sixteen out of the Ikin. They take Opinmi home.

On the second day they head to the house of Olofin for important Ifa consultation. The suicide attempt of Opinmi does not make the Awo of Ife Ooyelagbo become nice to Opinmi to give him good cloth or encourage him to follow them. They leave him behind and remain callous as ever. When they get to the house Olofin. They make Ifa consolation for Olofin. But their amusement none of the Awo in Ife Ooyelagbo was able to get and decipher the purpose of consultation during their narration. Olofin now demand for another Babalawo, they say hmmm there is one Opinmi he is just hungry man looking for food to eat. He does not have any knowledge of Ifa, Olofin smile go and fetch him for me anyway. When Opinmi arrived, in rags. The king mentions the Odu that come forth during the Ifa consultation. Opinmi was asked to make his own contribution. The first verse chants by Opinmi is what reveal and give solution to what Olofin is seeking Ifa guidance about. Olofin asked the entire Awo of Ife start from their Araba to the lowest among them, you claim this man is just a hungry man looking for food that he is just using idea ,that he had no knowledge of Ifa. Yet he is the one that Know what all you do not know. Olofin called the Opinmi to his chamber and give him money to make him become rich for solving his problems which the other popular and prominent Awo was unable to solve. That it is how Opinmi become rich.

It is event from Irosun Opinmi that give rise to of 5-5-3-2-1 for selection of Ikin Ifa for purpose of Ifa consultation.  

 ==(5) Arun Ora – (5) Arun Osin – (3) Eta Eguntan – (2) Eji Irete – (1) Okan Soso Niti Olufidan

Ifa eni toba findan ko fin – Ao ko merin ninu re – Ao ni erin nikin nbe - Eremeta ni an un sokutu nife tie bora orun nje ni – Oju meji kii ri oro koni oun kiri – Oju kan uho nikalu. 

Photo: Olúwo Ifáòleèpin

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