Monday 27 March 2023

In Memory of Kudirat Abiola.... 27 years after

Around 9.30am on Tuesday June 4 1996, Kudirat left her home in Lagos for an appointment at the Canadian High Commission in the company of her personal assistant, Mark Olufemi Adesina and her driver, Dauda Atanda.

Àdesina sat in the front passenger seat beside Atanda, while Kudirat sat in the back. As Atanda manoeuvred Kudirat's white Mercedes-Benz on the Lagos Ibadan Express way past the 7-up Junction on Oregun Road In Ikeja, two Peugeot's, one a 505 and the other a 504 approached them. One of the cars swerved twice in front of Kudirat's car, forcing Atanda to slow down.. Several gunmen then opened fire with machine gun at close range.

The hail of gunfire smashed the windshield and back window of Kudirat's car and forced it off the road. Adesina instinctively fell to the floor as shards of broken glass and spent ammunition rained down on top of him. Despite the bursts of gunfire Adesina survived.

One of the bullets hit Kudirat's forehead and lodged in her brain.

She was later taken to Èkó Hospital, where she was operated on by a team of Neurosurgeon who removed the bullet from her head. She died between 12.15 and 12.30pm.

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