Friday 18 May 2018


The name Olaleone is not new to the music industry in Nigeria. He is an ethnomusicologist who plays an instrument called Marimba or Igelenge from the South East of Nigeria. Though, he is a Yoruba man from the South West of Nigeria, Olaleone plays the instrument effectively well. He is a song writer and composer who has done songs for many films in  Nigeria. He released an album entitled "Abracadabra" in the year 2016 to the Nigerian music scene. He later came out with another album in March 2017 entitled "Mama Afrika".

Mama Afrika's album consists of six tracks namely Mama Afrika, Peace Song, Ojumo Mo, Enu, Ololufemi and Peju Sweetie. All these songs are completely different lyrically and stylistically from the previous album. And the songs are all classic in their own right.

"Mama Afrika" talks about coming together of all Africans all over the world to make the continent not only strong but for its people to be united. The song praising the mother land as a progressive and beautiful land. And the people willing to visit Africa are welcome to the mother land. The song is indeed Afrikan because it is all about good singing, chanting and praising "Mama Afrika".

"Peace Song" talks about love for humanity and allowing peace to reign globally. It also talks about doing unto others what you want them to do unto you. Love Thy neighbor as Thyself! The song advises us to see life as a short journey no matter how long we are here. And that our stay in the eternity will be longer than in this world. This particular song is Hip Hop genre.

"Ojumo Mo" means it is dawn. May I meet with good luck, success, progress and favour as I  set out today looking for my daily bread. Crown all my undertakings with success and let me with my helpers. This song is Afrobeat genre.

The next song is entitled "Enu". "Enu"is regarded as one of the deities in Yoruba land. The song warns us not to use our mouth negatively. That whatever we say with our mouth either negatively or positively will boomerang and end up affecting us.

The next song is "Ololufemi". The song is Apala genre. It talks about how the musician is toasting his dream girl that he is in love with. He promises to do so much for her if she could be his. He even goes further promising to take this girl to London and America if she could fall in love with him.

The last song on the album is entitled "Peju Sweetie". This song is highlife genre. The song is dedicated to all the lovers in the world planning to get married. And it is a dance hall music! This album is truly Afrikan music!

© Olalekan Oduntan 2018.

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