Friday 25 May 2018

A Traditional Honduran Wedding

It is always interesting to see how couples in other parts of the world begin their matrimonial bliss. Here in Honduras there are some unique customs. Typically the couple marries on a Tuesday, which is an ancient custom of unknown significance. 

The actual ceremony takes place in a stream near the village where the couple will live. They feel that the running water in the stream is symbolic of the eternal passage of time and the life and fertility that springs forth from the water. After the ceremony all who have come to share the day eat rice and beans, and dance traditional dances. 

Then before the evening ends two gecko's are placed on the head table. If they begin to mate it is believed that the couple with be blessed with many offspring. It looks like this couple will need a big house! They will love their life for sure. Well thats all the reports from Roatan today I'm sure its easy to see why i love my life here on this island!

By  Gina Kelly

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