Tuesday 22 May 2018

Guatemalan Wedding Culture


Fifty percent of the Guatemalan culture is Catholic. Therefore, when a couple decided to get married, it is common for them to be wed in a Catholic church. The entire ceremony is also spoke in Spanish. It is very similar to a traditional Catholic wedding in the United States. In many services (at weddings, but also in a traditional Mass), it is common for people to share the peace. In the United States, people shake hands with acquaintances, hug those they are close with, or nod to others who are farther away. In the Guatemalan culture, you grab their left forearm with your right hand and try to shake hands using your left.


It is common for the bride to wear a long, white veil. The belief is the longer the veil, the happier the couple will be. She would also wear white shoes and a traditional blouse and skirt. The groom needs to wear a traditional suit.


Invitations to the wedding are simple, but similar to American weddings. The invitations are usually sent out about a week prior to the wedding because they believe that there is no purpose for invitations to be sent out months in advance.


It is common for guests to skip the ceremony and attend only the reception. Many people assume that they are invited, even if they never received an invitation. There is also no alcohol served at weddings because most Guatemalans maintain a temperance. However, some party guests will bring their own alcohol if they are think it's appropriate. The reception usually last late into the night and most of the guests dance in a similar style as many Americans do: hand on the waist and hand-in-hand.


-It is common for couples to have a significant age difference. Whether it is five years or ten, it is perfectly acceptable to marry someone who is not the same age.

-Family is also expected to attend the wedding. They gather around the bride and the groom and support the couple as a silver rope bounds them together to show their union.

-Depending on how traditional the wedding is, the bridal party may wear all white just like the bride.

*culled from www.sites.goggle.com

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