Sunday 20 May 2018

Grenada Holidays and Festivals

It’s no doubt that most visitors are drawn to Grenada because of its amazing nature, yet there are many cultural events that make it an intriguing and fun-filled destination any time of year. The islanders love the pulse and beat of soca and calypso, and in true Caribbean spirit, they love to dance, carnival style. The Grenada Carnival, also known as Spice Mas, runs annually every August and reflects the sheer energy of the Grenadians, whereas the world famous Sailing Festival reflects their prime position in the sea.

Port Louis Grenada Sailing Festival

Since its commencement in 1996, this annual sailing festival has grown to attract boat enthusiasts from all over the world. Taking place at the end of January, it features four days of yacht racing, regattas, and ends with a street festival.

Independence Day

This Grenada holiday held in February is celebrated all over the islands to mark Grenada’s independence from colonial rule. The official highlight is a military parade at Tanteen; however, the real fun starts as you dance into the night with the locals at one of the many beach parties.

Carriacou Carnival

A sister of the larger festival held on Grenada Island each year, this carnival held at the beginning of March is another excuse for the locals to get down and party. Unique to this event is the Shakespeare Mas, which is an intriguing contest of quotations.

Spice Mas (Grenada Carnival)

The main cultural event of Grenada, Spice Mas is held every year in August. A colorful and cheerful carnival, you will hear the tones of calypso played while you watch the pageants go by. Don’t be afraid to join in the fun - the locals wouldn’t have it any other way!

Carriacou Panrang Festival

Held every year on the weekend preceding December 25, this festival celebrates music, arts and culture on Grenada’s second largest island and attracts big crowds.

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