Thursday 19 November 2015


Where is God? This subject matter is very controversial. Some people call Him Allah, the Almighty, Chineke or Chukwu, Olorun or Eledumare, but the fact remains that whatever name you refer to Him, where is God? Does He reside in the Mars, Pluto, Uranus or Saturn? Or does He live on this planet earth with us or supposed heaven as claimed in so many religious books? Where can we find God? Is it in the spiritual books? If yes, some people will argue that even so many holy names written in the Quran or Bible were written by human beings. That God did not put them there by Himself since He is a spirit being. It will even be argued further that the inspired men of God put those names there. Jesus Christ says love thy neighbour as thy self, meaning love is God and God is love. And when you love someone, you will not want harms befalling such a person. Prophet Muhammad says peace be upon you, meaning if you are peaceful with your fellow human being, you will love him or her and you will not want any evil to befall him or her. So far, it means God is in peace and love preached by these two prophets. What does Ifa Oracle say from Orunmila's perspective? Orunmila says that before hurting or harming somebody, you should do it to yourself first and see how it feels. Meaning Orunmila tows the same line with Christ and Muhammad. And if you love someone, you will want peace with the person and you will not hurt or harm the person in any way. So, where then is God? It means the living God is in love and peace which the whole world is lacking today. The God that we are all looking for is very close to us and we can only see Him if we show love to humanity and if are peaceful with ourselves. And by so doing, we will think twice before hurting or harming ourselves according to the great sage Orunmila. The irony of it all is that the human race has gone contrary completely to these two words, peace and love but yet desperately seeking to know where the God Almighty is. It is like the issue of having something in your hands and still looking for it desperately elsewhere. The solutions to all the problems of the world today are peace and love. And until that day that the people of the world realize that the God we all seek is in peace and love, these two words will continue to elude the world. So, conclusively where is God? The answer is God is in our heart and it is only by being positive towards each other that peace and love will triumph in the world. So, show love and be peaceful to someone today.

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