Tuesday 17 November 2015


He who brings kola brings peace. And this cliche is one of the sayings of our elders. Kola nut is a peacemaker, a problem solver and a pathfinder. No traditional praying gathering is complete without the involvement of kola nut. It is used to entertain the guests at our home and at the gathering circles of traditional peoples. 

From Ifa Oracle's perspective, it is believed that Kola nut is used virtually to appease all the deities because the lobes are used to ask questions during appeasement and answers are given to proffer solutions to the problems at hand. Commonly eaten by the people who do not even know anything about its relationship with the gods. 

The kola nuts have different kinds of specie and they come with different numbers of lobes as well. There is a specie of kola nut with two lobes called GBANJA which is commonly eaten and it is in both red and white colours. There is another specie that has three lobes called ABATA OLOJU META and it is used to appease the deity known as "ESU" or god of confusion. 

Another popular specie of kola nut with four lobes that are made use of a lot for appeasing the deities is called ABATA OLOJU MERIN. These lobes are also used for divining into the past, the present and the future by those that are blessed with such sacred knowledge. The kola nuts are used to avert danger, death, misfortune, sickness and a lot of other spiritual problems by those who know the meanings and effectiveness of their uses.

Likewise, the kola nuts are used to attract good vibration and aura to the gatherings where good things are happening hence the kola nuts play prominent roles in prayers at such occasions as naming ceremonies, house warmings, marriages, meetings, coronations e.t.c.

There is also a kolanut with five lobes called ABATA OLOJU MARUN and another kolanut with six lobes being referred to as ABATA OLOJU MEFA. There is a peculiar kolanut that has no lobe at all. This mysterious kolanut is being referred to as LAKIRIBTO. It is not useful at all for ritualistic purposes and activities but it is useful in other several ways for spiritual purposes to those who know the usefulness and value of it.

It is believed that kolanut was once human in those days. And she was a woman during her lifetime before becoming what it is today. But Kolanut is being made use of today as problem solving tool and for solving spiritual problems too. In my subsequent write ups, I will go into the details and full story to educate us.

Thank you!!!

•BY OLALEKAN ODUNTAN Copyrights: © 2015

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