Tuesday 10 November 2015


Yoruba people from the South West of Nigeria call it "Orogbo" but the botanical name is Garcinia Cola from the family of Guttiferae. Garcinia Cola is highly medicinal because it takes care of some ailments in human which we least expect. The seeds are made use of where people are praying a lot because it is believed in the spiritual circles that when the seeds are chewed during prayer session that it elongate human life span on earth. 

Spiritually speaking one who eats a seed of garcinia cola every morning will be healthy and strong throughout of his or her life time. Because such a person shall not lose any part of his or her body to a sickness or an accident before he or she dies. So, there is more to it than meet the eyes when it comes to the garcinia cola because it is highly medicinal and spiritually gifted to mankind to take care of human health problems. 

Garcinia cola is highly appreciated and its importance spiritually acknowledged in the traditional spiritual circles because its seeds are of inestimable value. Even though, bitter in the mouth when the seeds are being chewed, the effectiveness of the bitterness in taking care of numerous human ailments is wonderful. Garcinia cola comes in seeds, root, stem back and fruits and they cure many ailments for man. 

Garcinia cola cure diseases like dysentery, bronchitis, cough, fever and toothache. It also cures throat and respiratory ailments; liver disorders, headache and it is an anticancer plant. Conclusively, this piece is to educate the various health departments in the world that alternative medicine could partner side by side very well with the medical practitioners in the orthodox world today if given the chance and their medical know how as support to function very well like them. 

Experiences could be shared on both sides with each other to solve health problems for mankind. Drugs from the orthodox world have been processed before their usage and therefore have their side effects and expiry dates but natural herbs are from mother nature which make their efficacies to be very natural and they have no after effects. Garcinia cola seeds are locally available and affordable at the herbs market, try and chew one seed today.

© Olalekan Oduntan

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