Wednesday 25 November 2015


Remembering so many wonderful performances and events associated with this picture many years ago is a beautiful experience that made me put up this write up concerning it. Precisely about seventeen years ago when I released an album out entitled "Let Us Dance". The group was performing musically everywhere then, and we were musically strong together because the best percussionists and drummers were with us. I had people like the late Ayantunji Amoo who was an ethnomusicologist and who was also a seasoned talking drummer as my lead talking drummer in the group. Ayantunji Amoo was the best drummer in the country as at that time. He was all rounder in the business of the Performing Arts. 

He was an actor, a performer and versatile drummer who could handle so many kinds of drums. Late Ayantunji Amoo started his theatrical career with Ori Olokun Performing Group in those days as a talking drummer. He was in that group doing shows everywhere with the veteran actors like Chief Peter Fatomilola, Dr. Kola Oyewo and Late Laide Adewale. Late Ayan Amoo was also a leading talking drummer in Late Duro Ladipo Theatre Group that travelled to so many European countries to perform the stage play entitled Obakoso in those days. He was awarded Member of the British Empire (M.B.E.) by the Queen Elizabeth l l. After the tour, he came back and joined the then Center for cultural studies, University of Lagos (now Creative Arts department) as a senior cultural officer. 

The department had a Performing Troupe which he travelled to so many countries with locally and internationally. And after retiring as a senior cultural officer at the University of Lagos, late Ayan Amoo took part in Tunde Kelani's film called Saworo Ide which he played a leading character called Ayan Aganlu. He was an active member of my group called The African Percussionists (TAP) and we did so much together musically back then. So, my tributes to this legend who passed away many years ago. Late Ayantunji Amoo was a legend in the performing Arts world. 

Another important drummer in the group is the lead Bata drums player in person of Taye while late Busari Agbolade played the Omele Bata Meta for the group. Amos Oguntokun played the Dundun back up for the group while Abideen Amoo also played the big maracas for the group. The last but not the least in the group is Moshood Amoo who played the base drum for the group. We did so many shows together back then and we also did some sound tracks for films and documentaries.

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