Monday 30 November 2015


  • If you rattle a snake, you should be prepared to be bitten by it.
  • The thing that will hurt you will always keep on coming back even if you try to avoid it.
  • A child who says the mouth of an elder smells beckons to his or her untimely death.
  • Only a wise person can solve a difficult problem.
  • The frown on the face of the goat will not stop it from being taken to the market.
  • Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.
  • The person who has not traveled widely thinks his or her mother is the best cook.
  • A bug grows up in the dry wood, and yet it comes to maturity.
  • If you have no teeth, do not break to clay cooking pot.
  • One who enters the forest does not listen to the breaking of the twigs in the bush.
•Copyrights: © Olalekan Oduntan 2015

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