Wednesday 25 November 2015


Yoruba people call it Ewuro but its botanical name is called Veronia Amygdalina belonging to the family of Asteraceae in the plant world. The leaves, stem and root of Veronia Amygdalina are all useful because they all serve the same purpose regarding the health of human beings. The leaves are cooked with other ingredients to make soup, and the soup can be eaten with Rice or other solid foods like Eba or Amala. Aside from using the leaves to cook our soup, they also serve as cures to some health related problems affecting mankind. For example, the leaves can be squeezed with water to get the juice out while the juice can be taken to cure the problem of stomach ache. Likewise, the stem can be chewed to put an end to problems of tooth ache and lack of appetite. The leaves of Vernonia Amygdalina can cure measles in children and adult and they can as well give cures effectively to health related diseases like ringworm, gingivitis and diabetes. Although, very bitter in the mouth when it is taken but the effectiveness of its cure inside our stomach is unimaginable because after the bitterness comes the soothing sweetness.

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