Sunday 8 November 2015


The Aerva Lanata is a plant given to us by nature to help mankind. The whole plants produce whitish powdery substances which are made into balls for use by traditional healers. This plant is so miraculously effective in dealing with certain ailments troubling human beings. Aerva Lanata belongs to the family of Amaranthaceae and the powdery substances take care of protracted case of ulcer in human body. 

If applied on the snake bite, it cures the wound gradually till it is healed up. Aerva Lanata fights bladder and kidney stones sores in the body. This wonderful plant also cures diuretic situations and it is also used as purgative in human beings' bodies. Aerva Lanata is an antihelmintic plant in human and the powdery substances are also used in stopping acute bleeding in human beings. 

In the spiritual traditional circles, it is used to banish evil spirits from entering wherever the substances are sprinkled. Sometimes, they are used to write corpuses of Ifa on the walls signifying that the evil spirits should keep off from that surroundings. If someone is afflicted with either chicken pox or measles, the powdery substances are rubbed on the body to cure their effects. 

The powdery substances of Aerva Lanata are the answers to so many diseases affecting mankind and until they are put to use before they are attested to. Herbal medicine is our own, we should support the practitioners to assist the orthodox doctors in finding solutions to some ailments defiling their medical answers.

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