Tuesday 10 November 2015


The Yoruba people call it "EERU ALAMO" but its botanical mame is Xylopia aethiopica belonging to the family of Annonaceae. These seeds of xylopia aethiopica are highly very medicinal because people who know the efficacy use them to either cook pepper soup or add them to their concoction. The xylopia aethiopica comes in fruits, barks, leaves and seeds. And local herbs healers make very good use of them a lot to assist their clients. Xylopia aethiopica cures stomach ache in human and it also fights cough and neuralgia. It cures ailments like mental disorder, amenorrhoea and bronchitis. The fruits, bark, leaves and seeds are readily available with the local herbs sellers at the market. And the fruits, bark, leaves and seeds are washed and cooked for drinking to take care of above ailments. But it should be noted that before embarking on the taking of the herbs for any of the mentioned ailments, it is always good to find out from the qualified medical doctors first what the problem is medically. Herbs are good because they are natural and they have not gone through processing like drugs from the orthodox world. The seeds of xylopia aethiopica are used to treat the umbilical cords for babies at infancy. Conclusively, the so many health benefits of the fruits, bark, leaves and seeds of xylopia aethiopica can not be over emphasized and they are very good gifts to mankind.

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