Friday 6 November 2015


The Shrine of Ogun © Olalekan Oduntan

Ogun, if you are inside the house; Look at the outside                 
If you are at the backyard; Look at the passage; 
If you are inside the room;
Look at the entire house.
Ogun from Ire my husband;
Pleasing rats to the goddess of the river;                                  
The thorns that make 
themselves into moulds.
Ogun chase them away to the bush;
They become owners of the bush.
Ogun chase them away to the jungle;
They become occupants of the jungle.
He chases them away to Mekiti;             
They become goddesses of river.     

Living in the jungle; Living in the town;  
And living at Gunta.               
All at the same time. 
But it is advisable to stay at one place, 
Because Ogun is from Odo Oba.   

The above chants are rendered by the devotees of Ogun, the deity of iron when they meet to give some appeasement to it at its shrine. There are five different symbolic tools made of iron used by the blacksmith but being crowned today as chiefs at the blacksmith's place today. 

The first crowned Chief is the tool called iron catcher titled Olukotun. The second iron is the tool providing the fire that melts and shapes the irons and it is crowned Ajagunna. The third tool is the breeze provider which makes the fire to burn and it is crowned Ogbagbara while the blacksmith's place itself is crowned as Iyalode. The last but not the least is the number five tool known as the hammer to bend and mold the iron to different shapes and sizes and it is crowned as Balogun. 

It is important to note that the blacksmiths make knifes, cutlasses, hoes, traps for catching and killing the animals e.t.c. There are seven different types of Ogun worshippers and they are namely the Ogun of Alara which is appeased with the dogs, the Ogun of Onire which is appeased with the rams. The Ogun of Oloola drinks the blood during circumcision while the Ogun of the barbers eats the hair on the head. 

Ogun of the wood carvers sucks the vapour inside the trees while the Ogun of the guns causes fear and panic to its victims. Lastly, Ogun of the motorists causes accidents to its victims and sometimes putting permanent dislocation to their bodies. May we not witness the wrath of Ogun in all of our entire lives! 

If Ifa Oracle decrees that Ogun should be appeased, it is always good to abide by it so as not to see the wrath of it which is not palatable at all. Ogun protects and fights for its devotees and those who abide by its rules and regulations because despite being a deity of war, he loves giving peace to all his followers.


© Olalekan Oduntan 2015

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