Friday 20 November 2015


The bulb of Ayu or Allium Sativum which belongs to the family of Liliaceae is very effective in fighting health related problems in human. Some people cook the flesh in the bulb with their soup while some prefer to chew it every morning to have easy metabolism of the body system. Allium Sativum fights bacteria related diseases in our body and if chewed regularly everyday without minding the effect of its odour in the mouth takes care of a lot of diseases in our body. Ayu which the botanical name is Allium Sativum and Alubosa elewe which has its own botanical name as Allium Ascalonicum belong to same family of Liliaceae. And they are both bacteria fighting plants in human body. Allium Sativum fights health related problems like fever, cough, asthma, diuretic, malaria and hypertension. The bulb can be soaked in the ordinary water for drinking and they can be boiled for drinking as well to serve the same purpose in human body. But conclusively, it should be noted that the bulb of Allium Sativum is antibiotic to human body which can fight various health related problems or diseases in the body.

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