Friday 13 November 2015


Allium Ascalonicum belonging to the family of Liliaceae is either in bulbs or leaves. And it is a plant that is highly medicinal to take care of the health of human beings if applied to use. Commonly used to spice up our cooking whenever we want to cook stew, soup or jollof rice, Allium Ascalonicum makes our cooking taste special because of its aroma and scent. In the herbal medicine world, it is added to some other herbs to take of some health related problems associated with constipation and stomach aches. Allium Ascalonicum is used to season our pepper soups and a host of other delicacies on our menu for easy digestion in our system. The bulb or leaves of Allium Ascalonicum can be soaked in water and given to children to take care of their convulsion. And if taken regularly, the problems disappear completely from them. For easy evacuation of our bowels, the bulb or leaves of Allium Ascalonicum if eaten raw take care of such health issue or problem. It also cures the problem of dizziness in adults. The leaves or bulb of Allium Ascalonicum cure problems associated with dysentery in children and adults. So whichever way we look at it, the bulb or leaves of Allium Ascalonicum are of great importance to our health and they are gifts from the mother nature to mankind.

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