Saturday 28 November 2015


Every living thing that has enjoyed life will eventually taste death one day because death is inevitable. In as much as all living things shall from birth age till one day that their bodies will become frail, it simply means that expiration will come to their bodies one day and they will be no more. What am I really saying? Every human being should take cognisance of the fact that the journey to the great beyond is much faster than the journey to our existence. 

The perceived death is not just one evil spirit striking people dead when their time comes but having so many agents to do his biddings for him. There is death in everything that the Supreme being has created for our existence, how much more the things we have invented by ourselves. Death is on the land, in the water, in the air and in the fire. 

There is one saying from the Yoruba people that buttresses this point: The cliche says that the death of a hunter is in his pouch while the death of a farmer is on the mound. The death that we kill everyone of us is with us and we are sleeping and waking up with it everyday unknowingly. Sometimes, sickness may not lead to death because somebody being sick for years that people have given up hope on will suddenly get back on his or her feet and stay alive while somebody else without being sick at all will just drop dead to the amazement of all. 

A man was once appeared to in his dreams by the spirit of death that he was coming to kill him in seven days time. The man quickly left his village and ran off to another very far village miles away from the present one believing that the spirit of death could not reach him there. He thought he had conquered death until on the seventh day while working on the farm that the spirit of death appeared to him and struck him to death. 

This simply means that nobody can run away from death because if you try to avoid death once your time is up here, the spirit of death will come and meet you by himself. Death is the transition from this physical plane called earth to the spiritual plane called heaven where the judgement of all our activities are looked into. 

Each time that the spirit of death strikes any living thing when the time is up here on earth, he is just carrying out the assignment given to him by the Supreme being. Since death is the transition of someone from one position to another one, what are you doing here on earth to afford you a good place in the heaven when the death comes calling. 

The attitude of some people will earn them coming back as different animals to this sinful world while some people will make it back as human beings to the world. Death is to go back to the Supreme being and account for all our deeds either good or bad here on earth.

© Olalekan Oduntan 2014.

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