Wednesday 14 June 2023

Why Europeans cannot be Allowed to Write African Histories

As we reclaim our identity, many of us naively read books on African history without thinking about who the author is; which is 97% written by the European race. About 2.5% are written by Black academic tokens nodding in agreement in order to obtain approval and prestige in European academia. That leaves only 0.5% who are independent Black writers reclaiming authority to write our own history.  

However, too many of this even small 0.5% rely on the European texts because they have been so aggressive about controlling the narrative of African history.  

No matter how factual European texts about African history may appear on the surface, the European is naturally compelled through respect for their ancestors who enslaved the Black African race for centuries, to degrade any significant Black African achievements in order to validate the European enslavement of Africans as a beneficial enslavement raising a culturally inferior people into civilization. 

The European's agenda will not allow him to ever stop trying to write our history and control the narrative in his favor. He will never stop. But his false writings will lose their power if we stop reading them and giving them to our children. Their narrative only has control if we accept it and do not write our own.

This is not about racism to Europeans when we say we cannot allow them to write our history, but acknowledging the nature of human beings. A rich child will always defend his grandfather that made him rich, even if his wealth was secured through evil.  Thus, while many Europeans will acknowledge that it was wrong to enslave people, they will simultaneously (even if subtly) justify the wrong by suggesting that Africans were culturally inferior and needed to be educated into civilization through slavery / colonization.  

Hisown.y, as an academic subject, has never been about truth. It has always been and will always be about controlling others through controlling their history.  History says what you have been capable of achieving and what you have not.  Without it, you cannot be capable of achieving a future of your own. As Africanamerican elder scholar Dr. Leonard Jeffries has reminded us, "He who defines you, controls you."  Let us then define ourselves, for us and our progeny.

It is crucial that you understand this if you want to reclaim control of who gets to define who we are and who we were and who we are going to be as a people.  

The Ancients of Kemet and Kush were the first people on the planet to write down history. They did so for us to learn from their mistakes and build upon their successes. This is why the Europeans and Arabs are so aggressive about controlling who can tell the history of the Ancient Nile; they don't want us to start investigating it for ourselves and discover the truth: 

That the Black African race founded the greatest and earliest civilization known to mankind that has yet to be surpassed, and all of mankind is indebt to the Black man for this.  But most importantly, that this great African civilization that ruled the world can be recreated by us today!

Khonsu Nok

Credit: African History

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