Wednesday 7 June 2023


The Moors (a group of Africans) invaded the Iberian peninsula from what is today Portugal and Spain during the 'dark ages' in the 8th century CE (the ''dark ages'' began 565 CE). The so called Moors were a combination of Amazigh, People of west African Empires like Mali, North Africans etc; all united under Islamic ideology that was spreading like wildfire from the Arabian peninsula in 711 CE. The invasion was led by Tariq ibn Zyad Al layti from North Africa.

Europe had degenerated into primitive life after 10 barbarian tribes scattered the Roman empire from within and couldn't hold things together... That was how the Roman letterings fall along the way. These barbarian tribes were the Saxons(Brits after 5th century CE) the Celts(Brits before 5th century CE), Franks (today's French), the Goths ( Germans today), Nordic Varangians(Russia and some Scandinavians today), the Visigoths, the Gauls, the Vandals, the Umbrians and Oscans etc. It took the Moors to teach Europe Statecraft, engineering, lettering system, literary Arts, medicine and hygiene etc so they can grow into the Renaissance era.

The ABCD we use today came up during the Moorish era before they were Kicked out of what became europe From iropa or europa in 1492 CE... masacred in most cases. But when the the barbarian tribes got it together they united on the bases of race.  Three events took place to kick them to action:first an Italian, Galileo asserted that the earth was round and the earth wasn't the center of the universe; men could travel far on vast ocean without the fear of falling off the edge of a flat world into an abyss. Second, Columbus stumbled on the Americas. Third, Mansa Musa's display of wealth in the Arabian peninsula, of which the words went all over the known world then. The point was clear: chase the Moors out. Travel at sea and take from other existing civilizations to build up Europe.

The influence of the Moors contributed to why Portugal and Spain were more developed, than all other places in Europe in the 15th century CE when Portuguese Maritime expansion began and Spain began exploring oversea opportunities for developing Spain. One of the famous universities built and taught in by the Moors was Salamanca. Hindu-arabic numerals came into use at Moorish era. People, especially the Aristocrats from all over europe came here to learn of ancient knowledge in science, alchemy, medicine, astronomy, irrigation system, agriculture, hygiene etc. This contributed greatly to Europe.

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