Tuesday 27 June 2023

La Sirène - the Queen of the Ocean or the Goddess of the sea

La Sirène is a beautiful, long-haired mermaid. She  is the wife of Lord Agwe. She owns a beautiful palace beneath the seas and is a Lwa of wealth. She owns all the riches of the seas. All those pearls, sunken treasure ships, coral, are just a few of the treasures she owns. La Sirène is sometimes referred to as Mambo La Sirène.

She can often be seen sitting on the edge of a large rock, in the sea, combing her long beautiful black hair and looking at herself in the mirror. In fact, La Sirène is the ruler of vanity, as she herself loves to look at herself. She is a very beautiful mermaid, a siren. She rules over the musical arts too. La Sirène is very enchanting and can sometimes lure people into the depths of her waters.

Her favorite colors are shades of blue and green and intermingled colors of the sea, like teal or aquamarine. Other traditions suggest her colors are pink and white.

La Sirène is found in the stories of the people of DRC and Haiti.

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