Monday 19 June 2023


Afrikan children are born with a very active THIRD EYE because of MELANIN hence the reason why they ask lots of questions. But their THIRD EYE is normally shut by religion with the help of religious parents and teachers who act as Agents of DESTRUCTION due to IGNORANCE.

Three years ago my then 7 years old daughter asked me a question that baffled me and later changed my perception of REALITY by aligning it with NATURE.

She asked me with the innocence of children how and when did God knew he was God. I didn't have an answer to that question because I thought it was the highest level of blasphemy. The more I ignored that question the more it troubled me and so I decided to find out. I started thinking about it and the more I engaged my brain into it the more I got a better and DIVINE understanding of COSMOS. That was the beginning of my awakening journey and between then and now I have discovered lots of HIDDEN TRUTHS because I activated my THIRD EYE;  Thanks to my daughter and my ANCESTORS who are so generous to me with ANCIENT SECRETS.

Founders of religion knew how active children's third eye is and that's why they came up with ways of shutting it down. Islamic Madrassa and Sunday Schools are effective tools used to shut children's third eye and turn them into zombies who're easy to manipulate and control when they become adults.

Say NO to RELIGIOUS MISINFORMATION about third eye because third eye is DIVINE and not demonic as religion teaches her naive followers.

An active third eye engages LOGIC and REASON but a closed third eye entertain BELIEFS leading to an IGNORANT WORLD.

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