Saturday 24 June 2023


So a British billionaire Hamish Harding with money enough to build over 1000 Findeco House buildings or 1000 Manda Hill shopping malls decided with 4 others to get inside a small metal tube and tour the Titanic wreak in the dark deep depth of  the Atlantic ocean. 

The metal tube was designed small with enough space to sit 5 people maximum sititng close- can’t stand  or lie down). The titanic lies some 4 kilometres or so (Matero to town ) deep down the Atlantic ocean and been there since about 100 years ago when it sunk.

Apparently there is joy in risking that deep under water just to go view the wreckage as a hobby and for fun. Can’t never. 

Unfortunately their tube little vessel succumbed to massive ocean water pressure deep down estimated at x 200 the pressure on a pumped car tyre. It burst after some 2 hours of decent trip and minutes before they could arrive at the bottom of the ocean where the Titanic lies.

It’s taken 4 days to discover what happened to them after rescue attempts from 4 countries namely USA, UK, Canadian and French effort of planes, ship and others sophisticated deep ocean searching vessels .

The death of this billionaire Hamish Harding  (who has toured space before ) and 4 others has left me thinking of the Bible verse …

1 Timothy 6:7

“ After all, we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it. “ 

Appreciate and enjoy life regardless of your circumstances.

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