Thursday 15 June 2023


The Kalenjin tribe belongs to the Nilotic ethnic group called highland Nilotes which consists of the following sub-tribes spread throughout East Africa;

• Kipsigis

• Nandi

• Keiyo

• Marakwet

• Sabaot/Kony

• Pokots/Suk

• Terik

• Ogiek/Dorobo

• Tugen (Samor, Eldorais, Lembus,Pokor keben,Aror)

• Sengwer/Cherangany

The above are in Kenya while in Tanzania consists of:

• Barabaek

• Tatireek

• Hilbangrangaek

• Sonjoek

• Sirikwaek (Sindawi)

• Nataeek)

• Badyut

• Tatogaeek

In Sudan are Morule among others while in Uganda are Sebei or Kipsabiny among others.

The word or term ‘Kalenjin’ was coined by earlier scholars of the tribe during 1940s at Alliance High school. This is because all the sub tribes of Kalenjin always utter the word ‘Kaleeii’ meaning ‘I say or l say to you’, before uttering or saying any word. Thus the word ‘kaleeii’ is common to all of the sub-tribes hence Kalenjin collectively.

✍๐Ÿพ: Gerald Bitok

๐Ÿ“ธ: Kalenjin ladies from the Kipsigis Sub-tribe.

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