Thursday 21 June 2018

Planning a Non -Traditional Wedding In Delaware

The world of weddings is always changing and in the pastvfew years we have seen changes that are dramatic and brilliant. Couples are stepping away from the traditional wedding and planning ceremonies and receptions that are catered more toward what they like and their personal style. Boho weddings, country weddings, simple weddings, and themed weddings have become popular. While wehave seen weddings like this for a couple of years, they are becoming better each year.

Couples are realizing that they don't have to follow traditions, that they don't have to stick with what everyone else does, and that they can create a wedding that they will truly enjoy. It is a smart way to go about planning a wedding. It is no lie that weddings are expensive, so why not make it something special and meaningful?

A wedding is meant to celebrate the union of a couple, and while there are many different traditional and meanings behind many elements of a wedding, you don't need to follow those traditions. Make your wedding your own, make it something that nobody has ever experienced before. Just last year, a couple spent a week climbing up parts of Mount Everest to get married in that breathtaking location. Destination weddings are also becoming bigger, but we like the idea of saving the destination for the honeymoon.

This is the beauty of weddings, you cando whatever you really want. It can be fun but stressful planning your wedding, and this is why it is so important to plan something you will love and are looking forward to. Don't plan something you will hate just because your mom wants you to have a traditional wedding. Don't plan a wedding based off of Pinterest wedding photos. Plan a wedding that you want and are excited about.It will make the day even more special and allowyour gueststo know more about the happy couple's style.

Weddings have also moved out of the church and into more natural locations. Outdoor weddings have become the current trend in the wedding world, and we are all for it! The beautifully colored trees, snow capped mountains, and even beaches make the perfect backdrop. Some people are even braving the cold and marrying outside in the middle of winter, with snow all around and colder temperatures. We know that not everyone would happily get married in the snow, but it sure does make for some beautiful photos.

If you are about to be planning a wedding, Bohemia River Overlook can help. Our outdoor wedding venues and vineyard maybe the perfect location for your ceremony. With three different locations to choose from, you can find the one that best matches your style and what you are looking for. The barn offers achic and relaxed venue for a wedding.The beach can provide you a waterfront backdrop with a majestic pier accenting the water. For those who want a fairytale wedding, the man or is the location for you.This outdoor location is surrounded by vibrant green trees and displays a reflective pool and gorgeous fountain, creating a Cinderellalike venue.

Our venue is uniqueand offers breathtaking views. With different locations to choose from, you are likely to find a wedding venue that will fit your style. Planning the rest of your wedding will be easy once the venue is selected. In the rest of this blog, we will give you some tips on planning a wedding that is unique and fits with your style as a couple.


While the colors of your wedding are not the most important thing, they will help create a uniform look throughout your wedding. Colors should not be hard to select, it is as simple as finding a color palette that the two of your love. They should match the theme of your wedding and add to the overall look and feel of your wedding. Deep colors, like burgundy, navy blue and plum can create a beautiful and vivid color pallette but is dark enough to be subtle and calm. A light blue, beige and light pink can be lovely and add a slight touch of color to a more natural wedding. For a beach wedding try a dark teal, light blue, and brown color. You can even add a peach or salmon color in to add a splash of something brighter.

For more examples of color trends that could be perfect for your wedding, check out this article from Magnet street .A few things to think about when choosing your color pallette include the venue, the time of year, the style of the wedding, and the colors you want for tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses. Once you find the colors you want, you can get started on other wedding plans!

The Dress

The weddingdress is another thing that is become less and less traditional. One wedding dress style that has recently made its way into the industry is not a dress at all. The pantsuit and jumper wedding dress is the perfect wedding day style for those women who are not a fan of dresses or simply want something unique. These pantsuits or jumpers can be elegant, classy, and simply stunning.These wedding styles can be simple or elaborate with unique detailing. This have become a popular trend that we absolutely love! Wedding dresses, especially traditional wedding dresses, are not for everyone and now we finally have some different options! These jumpers and pantsuits can be longor short, adorn with an overskirt, a faux fur wrap, or a jacket, and can create a completely unique look. This style isn't any less elegant or feminine, rather it just gives women another option.

Wedding jumpers and pantsuits are not the only wedding dress trend that is becoming more and more popular. Colorful wedding dresses are also becoming more widely worn. While the white wedding dress is traditional, some people do not want the traditional wedding. Wedding dresses with accent colors or fullcolor are gorgeous and offer something else that will make your wedding more unique and create a bridal look that is one of a kind. Many people may be uncertain about the colorful wedding dress, but it is a great way to create a wedding that is 100 percent your style. A colorful wedding dress is fun, daring and gorgeous.
These different styles may not replace the wedding dress all together, but they sure will be making ahuge statement during the 2018 weddings. If you are sick of white dresses and want something unique and exciting, try a wedding jumper or a colored wedding dress.


While some people may spend thousands on decorations for an elegant and perfect wedding, we know that not everyone needs that. DIY decorations are simple and can be just as beautiful as other decorations. Spray paint glass bottles that you collect over a few months with a gold or silver spray paint, and add some flowers or lights inside to create beautiful centerpieces. Make a menu with a chalkboard and some fun and fancy writing. Create a backdrop with lights, fake flowers, tissues paper, or just about anything else. You don't have to overspend on decorations, spend time with your fiance and work on these DIY decorations together, it could be a fun way for your guys to spend time together and save money while you are at it! Get some ideas for DIY decorations from HGTV and The Knot !


While dancing is always one of the best wedding activities (especially when there is anopen bar), there are so many other fun and creative activities to incorporate into your wedding.Yard games, like cornhole, ladderball and even badminton, can all be fun additions to your wedding.These games can keep your younger guests entertained and can be an easy way to get the two families mingling. Especially if your wedding is in the middle of the day, these games could be a great options.

There are other fun activities that could make your wedding more entertaining for all, including photo booths, interactive food stations, bride and groom trivia, and other activities like this. These can add a different element to your wedding that can make your guests enjoy it more and make it more memorable.


When it comes to weddings, the sweet treat is generally a wedding cake. And while wedding cakes canbe gorgeous, elegant, and delicious, some people are notbig cake fans. Switch up the dessert with a sweet treat that is unique, simple and gets everyone excited. Try a sundae bar that allows guest to create their own sunday. Have an assortment of cookies, cake pops, ice cream treats, donuts, candy, and fruit to offer a little bit of everything to your guests. While wedding cakes may be the traditional dessert, there are so many different options that you can add to your wedding to offer guests desserts that you love and that they will love.

There are many other aspects of a wedding that can be altered to add a unique and creative touch. Weddings no longer have to be traditional, they can be fun, daring, exciting, and completely one of a kind. Don't be afraid to plan a wedding that is different from anything you have ever seen before. Start by finding the perfect venue, Bohemia River Overlook can make it simple with three different locations on our gorgeous property. Learn more about these locations and start planning your one of kind wedding today! Contact us today with any questions you may have and to schedule a tour.

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