Tuesday 12 June 2018

Relationships, Marriage & Family Life In Uruguay

One significant difference in dating in Uruguay compared to many other South American countries is that a growing number of young people are moving out of their parents' houses. This is not the majority of people, as living on one's own is expensive, but a significant number of young single people now live alone or with friends, which changes the dating dynamic compared to living with one's parents. Despite this, dating is quite similar to most other South American countries.

Civil marriage, as well as church weddings are common in Uruguay , but for a long time civil ceremonies have been common and today the church and church weddings don't carry the weight or significance that they held in the past. For the church ceremony the people in attendance tend to be limited to immediate family as there are no groomsmen or bridesmaids. After this small service, which usually takes place in the early evening, comes the reception, beginning at about 9:00 pm. The reception welcomes everyone and weddings with only 500 people are on the smaller side. The reception also has a number of traditions, such as the crowd lifting the bride and groom in the air and the excessive dress of the guests, who may appear more likely to be attending a costume party.

Family life in Uruguay is incredibly diverse, especially compare to many other South American countries. This is primarily due to the extreme in the direction of women's rights. Although many countries have women's rights, Uruguay has had these rights for such a long time the culture has shifted and women working and women heading a household are common today.

The family dynamic is also unusual in Uruguay as divorce is accepted by society. Additionally, family sizes tend to be quite small as many couples only have one child, although this decision is personal and many couple will have much larger families. This low birth rate is partially because many young people focus on education and starting a career prior to starting a family as well as the availability of birth control, which helps prevent unplanned pregnancy. Most children take on the surname of both their father and mother.

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