Monday 4 June 2018

Brazil Holidays and Festivals

Brazil is a renowned party destination with plenty of Brazil holidays and celebratory events to experience. Festivals are an integral part of the local culture, so visiting Brazil during one of its many fiestas will leave a memorable impression that'll last a lifetime. Undoubtedly, Carnival is the country's most famous gathering. Throughout many of Brazil's metropolises, Carnival brings an energy that is unrivaled across the globe. Boi Bumba is the best option for tourists looking for a less chaotic Carnival festival. It is held in June on the isle of Paratins, but becomes the center of attention in Brazil.

Festa de Iemanja

The festival of Iemanja is a great way to ring in the upcoming year. It is held after the New Year's Eve celebrations die down, on January 1, predominantly along the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. It celebrates the Water Goddess, Iemanja, and sees thousands of people flock to the water where gifts are provided to the goddess. Singing, dancing and swimming usually follows.


Often simply called Lapinha, the Reis Holiday is predominantly celebrated in the large city of Salvador on January 5. The event commemorates the Three Wise Men that visited Jesus Christ upon his birth eons ago. The city hosts a famous procession, which travels through the streets of Salvador and ends at Lake Igreja da Lapinha. While at the lake, tourists can watch plays or enjoy traditional cuisine.


Centered in Rio de Janeiro , the world's most illustrious, colorful and wondrous celebration is simply known as Carnival. Within the city of Rio, more than two million people flock to the streets during this five-day event in February. Dancing, music, samba rhythms and local feasts take place. An official Brazilian national holiday, not much else is open while the party is going on.

Boi Bumba

Boi Bumba is a smaller rendition of Rio de Janeiro's Carnival , held in June on the island of Paratins. The celebrations usually last for three nights, without much of a break in between. When in full swing, tourists can embrace the culture mojo that Brazil is so famous for. The colors, music, dance, and rhythms radiating from the celebrations are incredible.

Festival of St Benedict

Taking place in the month of July, the Festival of St Benedict is an interesting celebration that is held in the central western region of the country. Cattlemen are at the center of attention with cowboys dressed completely in leather 'uniforms' or costumes, while priests bless the feasts in front of them. Deep fried rice, bolinhos, and cheeses are the main ingredients eaten.

Virgin of Nazareth Festival

More than two million people descend on the city of Belem the second Sunday in October to join a procession from the center of town to the Nazareth Basilica. Even though the event actually has Portuguese origins, it is still widely renowned in the nation of Brazil.

Children's Day

On October 12, Brazil enjoys a national holiday celebrating the patron saint of the country, Our Lady Aparecida. However, Bahia's central park is where the most important celebrations are found. Bahia also boasts plenty of events throughout the malls of the city, including shows and concerts that are kid-friendly.

Christmas of Light

Certainly the most important Christmas festival in Brazil, Christmas of Light is a beautiful and enticing celebration that lasts for 60 days throughout November and December. Every night, festive lights are displays across Gramado in the Rio Grande du Sol. Traditional cuisine, tree lighting, nativity reenactments, and nightly music make this festival a popular attraction for visitors of all ages.

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