Monday 25 June 2018

Hawaii Holidays and Festivals

Hawaii is a dream destination with plenty of fascinating landmarks and activities to fuel the tourism engine. Nevertheless, the archipelago is home to variety of incredible festivals. Without a doubt, the Aloha Festivals are the most prominent across the islands, showcasing everything that makes Hawaii's culture unique. When it comes to numbers, the Merrie Monarch Festival gives Aloha a run for its money as the most popular. Whenever you come, there are plenty of cultural, historical and sporting celebrations to experience throughout the year.

Merrie Monarch Festival

Hula is an art form in Hawaii. To celebrate its importance, the Merrie Monarch Festival is held each year in April. Visitors from all over the world come to showcase their dance skills in various competitions. The Ho'olaulea Music Festival and Merrie Monarch Royal Parade are two other events during this time.

Aloha Festivals

Throughout the months of August, September and October, the Hawaiian Islands play host to the Aloha Festivals. Held each year since 1947, this long and fruitful event incorporates a range of important cultural activities including musical performances, dancing, costume displays, art exhibitions, and local cuisine. Almost one million people attend annually, which is celebrated across the state.

Molokai Hoe Canoe Race

The Molokai Hoe race is among Hawaii's longest traditional events and attracts more than 100 teams to compete in an open-sea canoe race that spans the water between Molokai and Waikiki. Every October, canoes cross the Kaiwi Channel with teams facing challenging natural obstacles along the way.

Coconut Festival

Celebrate the importance of coconuts with locals at the Coconut Festival every October. Held at Kapaa Beach Park, this surprisingly popular and interesting event includes games, handicrafts, food, and contests. There is even a marketplace that sells coconuts in all their glorious forms.

Hawaiian Ironman World Championship

In October, sport lovers and fitness fanatics from across the globe flock to the Hawaii Ironman World Championship. Known as the most grueling event in the world, the ironman course is one of the only places on Earth that allows amateur and average athletes to compete with the best in the business. The race attracts thousands of spectators in addition to 1,800 athletes.

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

Held every November, the Vans Triple Crown is the pinnacle event on the world surfing tour's calendar and brings only the best in the world. Other famous competitions like the Billabong Pipe Masters and Reef Hawaiian Pro are also held during this time on the famous North Shore of Oahu.

Hawaii New Year

While the Hawaii holiday celebration of New Year's Eve is held throughout the islands, the Aloha Tower Marketplace in Honolulu is where many locals and tourists find themselves on New Year's Eve. A spectacular fireworks display is held over the harbor, while performances, giveaways, and carnivals lead up to the midnight extravaganza.

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