Monday 18 June 2018

Fun Loving Beach Wedding In California

Today's wedding is not only romantic and classic, but it's also super elegant with such a soft color palette. Sarah and Brad got married at an Orthodox Church and then celebrated their love at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California.

About Sarah And Brad

Sarah and Brad met when they both started in medical school together. They started out as friends and as they spent more time studying together, their friendship blossomed into a wonderful relationship. The day before Sarah took her board exam, Brad had planned a dinner with his family. As they were leaving, Brad received a call saying that their 2 puppies were missing and ran away at a beach. Sarah quickly ran to the beach to look for them and as she turned around, Brad had gotten on one knee and behind him were the 2 puppies with a sign saying "My sweet Sarah, will you marry me?" They have been inseparable since then!

Getting Ready

The sweet couple wrote notes and sent each other gifts before the wedding. I thought this was so sweet and made the whole moment so personable. The couple then met up later for their first look and it was the sweetest thing! This was Sarah's favorite moment as it was the most intimate moment they had that day. As Sarah beautifully put it, "seeing how handsome my groom was as well as his reaction to seeing me in my wedding gown for the first time, the raw emotion was beautiful."

Traditional Egyptian Ceremony

Sarah and Brad got married at the Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church. They had a very intimate and traditional Coptic wedding – complete with crowns and candles. But the detail that I'm most proud of was bringing to life a ride on the Laguna Beach Trolley. This trolley is a staple in Laguna Beach – it's so cute and old fashioned and it roams around the city. We were able to make a miracle happen and have them come over for the wedding party to take photos in there. It was so magical and such a fun experience for them!

The Romantic Reception

The couple wanted a classic, romantic theme to the wedding. Since they always spend their time at the beach and got engaged there, they wanted their reception to be by the beach. So having the reception at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach with a very relaxed beach feel, was very special to them. It's always a challenge when planning a wedding close to the beach as you have to take into account wind factors and weather. But luckily for us, the day was absolutely perfect! Not to mention Sarah was one of the sweetest and kindest brides I have ever worked with so it was easy to want to go above and beyond for her. We had to make sure everything was perfect. The venue already provided the perfect majestic setting so we just had to make sure to add to its beauty.

The wedding décor had an elegant design incorporating whites, ivories, soft blush, soft touches of lavender, and periwinkle with accents of gold. One of my favorite wedding moments was definitely the music for their entrance. When guests first enter a ballroom for the first time, they are usually greeted with soft, background music. We really wanted to do something different and more dynamic for this very fun, loving couple. So we had our amazing violinist girls stationed on lit up pedestals and when the ballroom doors opened, the guests were greeted by beautiful electric violin music – playing upbeat songs like Coldplay, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga! It immediately brought the room to life and set the tone for a fun evening ahead.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

By Sky Events & Production

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