Tuesday 27 October 2015


A : I am satisfied that I have been able to bring out my entertainment ability. But as a producer, I won't say that I am satisfied with my talent. And in any case, I think the best is yet to come.

Q : Take you on the best is yet to come. What should we be expecting next from you in terms of production?

A : In terms of production, it is a passion for me and I love doing it. Whether producing music or films, documentary, radio and television programmes, advertisement e.t.c , I love doing them all because personally that is my passion. As long as I am still alive I will make sure that I give them my best shot but the issue is that, can what I produce earn me good money? That is the struggle that I am on with now. How can I get maximum income from my ability? And that is the big challenge that i am facing now.

Q : And that is the big challenge which almost all the film makers in the country are facing today. I know that after Sango you did another big production called Afrika's Stolen Treasures involving so many big actors in the country. How far is with that production?

A : Afrika's Stolen Treasure is an extension of my creative energy. Like I said earlier on, first and foremost, it was to satisfy my production interest. My own problem generally in the area of production is that I am very critical when it comes to the area of quality. And if something does not reach or surpass the standard I believe that I have set for myself, I will rather take my time and improve on what I have to get to the level of quality that I want, till I am satisfied. I have to be satisfied first before satisfying my audience. That is the stage I am at right now. Afrika's Stolen Treasure has been produced. And we are still polishing it and the next thing is to get it out there after polishing. Primarily, it is to entertain people and give them a good quality movie to watch.

Q : Where do you see yourself in the next five years in terms of producing movies and music?

A : I have my dream. I will be relaxing somewhere very nice drinking coconut juice and being surrounded with my grand children. When I have the opportunity of relaxing, I don't have to face the hustle and bustle of life of going to the bus stop to board buses to work at my old age. And that is what I intend to do.

Q : How do you advise government to assist independent producers like you to back you up with financial assistance?

A : I really don't have any advice for government because so many people are already advising the government. All I am saying is that individuals can support the young film makers who need help in the country today. It doesn't have to be government alone. My own is to do the best that I can to support the industry as well. Give financial support to young talented film makers, support their visions and dreams and impart the knowledge you have gathered over the years into them. And it is only the individuals that can do that for them, not the government. We have to invest in our young talented film makers today because they are the continuity of all our efforts tomorrow.

Q : It has been my pleasure chatting with you Sir. Thank you very much!

A : You are welcome!!!

The End.

•BY OLALEKAN ODUNTAN  Copyright: © 2015

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