Tuesday 13 October 2015


One of the sayings of our elders......The dog that will get lost will not listen to the hunter's whistle. The dogs are domestic animals and they are very obedient to their owners. They are not only friendly but very good in running errands for their owners. The hunters' dogs are very good in hunting for their masters. 

And they make sure that their kills are taken to their masters. Some dogs have been trained by the hunters to kill all kinds of animal in the bush. Animals like rabbit, antelope, hare, snake e.t.c. While in the jungle, the hunter always makes use of his whistle to connect to his dog whenever they are hunting together. And the dogs are good in running to catch up with any fleeing animal that they want to kill. 

The dogs and the hunters understand each other very well. So, whenever there is a danger, the hunter blows his whistle to warn the dog of an impending danger of wild animals ahead. The dog listens to such message and both the hunter and the dog are safe. But if the dog refuses to listen, such dog may get missing or die. 

This above saying is used in curbing someone to desist from what he is doing which may eventually hurt his life if he refuses to do so or stopping. Conclusively, moderation and caution are advised to someone turning deaf ears to the above cliche.

•BY OLALEKAN ODUNTAN Copyrights: © 2015

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