Monday 26 October 2015


One of Yoruba sayings says a pigeon will not eat and drink with its owner and abandon him on the day of his death. This cliche talks about so many good relationship and potentials that the pigeons have towards human beings spiritually. Pigeons are our friends when they live with us in our homes because they give us protection against evil forces and negativity. There is no home that pigeons are reared that suffers hunger, hardship or lack of money because they are bringers of good luck and positivity. There is even another Yoruba proverb that says pigeons bring good luck to the home from all corners of the world. This cliche again proves that pigeons are birds worth having around us at our homes because of their spiritual importance and value. Pigeons stay with their owners till the end no matter what happens to them. They are faithful, loyal and honest at all time to the persons rearing them. If the house that pigeons are being reared is burnt down, they will still go there after the inferno to sympathize with the people. They are trust worthy birds and they are the angels of our world. They fly by travelling very far to bring good luck and good tidings to their owners and they are very good at doing just that. Before ending, there is another Yoruba proverb concerning the pigeons again and it says that the life of pigeon is always good. May it be good with all of us. May pigeons bring good luck to all our homes. And may we find favours in whatever we are doing and wherever we are going...amen! Pigeons are respected in the spiritual and traditional circles because they are regarded as angels of the world.

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