Saturday 3 October 2015


VENGEANCE is the story of two jolly good friends who are facing abject poverty in their lives. But one is still poorer than the other one. Enitan is poorer than his friend Olaosebikan. The two friends are farmers and the income they make from their farm produce is not sufficient for them to live a very good life. So, they decide to go and see an Ifa priest named Egbeji to look into the future for them. In the course of his findings, Egbeji discovers that Enitan will be richer than his friend Olaosebikan. He tells the two friends about their future and Olaosebikan becomes jealous of his friend's future. He goes to make weapons and charms to kill his Enitan in order to halt his destiny. But unfortunately for him, reverse is the case because instead of his friend to die, he becomes very rich and popular who now wines and dines with the king and some other important people in the society. Olaosebikan can not believe this sudden turn around change in his friend life. So, he decides to do to himself what he has previously done to Enitan, and he meets his untimely death there as a result of that. This book is available on

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