Sunday 11 October 2015


Huntaria Umbellata © Olalekan Oduntan

Huntaria Umbellata's seeds are very bitter and they are gift for mankind. The medicinal aspect is the bitterness that is helpful to human body. The seeds are chewable and they fight worms in the body. To get the full efficacy of Huntaria umbellata's seeds, they should be soaked in the water for about two or three days before the soaked water is ready for drinking. 

Huntaria umbellata's seeds regulate the sugar in human body, so they are very good for diabetic patients. The wonderful thing about these seeds is that they are also good in fighting chronic piles in human bodies. They can also be chewed as deserts after eating our meals or chewing after intake of sugary foods. 

Huntaria umbellata's seeds help in fighting and removing cholesterol in the human bodies. The seeds also aid indigestion and constipation in human body. Huntaria umbellata's seeds expel parasitic worms in both children and adults and they remove the worms preventing women from getting pregnant. 

The efficacies of huntaria umbellata's seeds can not really be over emphasized as they are indeed very valuable and of great health value to mankind. If human beings can ignore the bitter effect of Huntaria umbellata, the bodies will benefit much more from the seeds. After all, what is bitter is more useful and beneficial inside the body than what is sweet.

By Olalekan Oduntan

Copyright: © 2015

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