Sunday 11 October 2015


The Shrine of Esu, Eegun and Ogun

This shrine belonging to our forefathers is a place where all prayers are answered! This particular shrine harbors three deities namely the god of confusion (ESU), the god of Masquerade (EGUNGUN) and god of iron (OGUN). The shrine represents all these deities while being appeased there. 

ESU, the god of confusion lives at the three cross roads and whenever there is confusion in somebody's life, it is appeased and turns things around for better for that person. Likewise OGUN, the god of iron, this deity is also appeased wherever there is always an accident in somebody's life. As soon as that is done, everything is brought back to normalcy. 

EGUNGUN is the god of masquerade and it is appeased wherever somebody is having bad dreams or witchcraft problems. Once this deity is appeased, all the problems of the victim will cease to exist. The significance of this wonderful shrine is the potency and positive effects it has on the lives of the numerous people flocking there because whenever anything is sought for in prayers there, that wish always comes to pass. And this is the gift from our ancestral parents to us!

The Shrine remains the traditional holy temple of our forefathers. But unfortunately today, due to the different religions brought to us from the West, we are condemning this special gift as fettish today. And the so called religions that we so much cherish has made us to be worshippers only and not spiritual at all. We have been disconnected from our ancestral lineage. And the testimony of this is haunting our children today because it is right there in our ways of life and noticeable even in our ways of reasoning, worship, fashion, tradition and culture.

Our cultural and traditional values are eroding and going into total extinction. The birds are not sounding like like birds anymore, the rats are not sounding like rats and human beings are not sounding like human beings. We should go back to where we are coming from if we do not know where we are going. Let us all embrace our culture and tradition because they are our own! I rest my case!!!

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