Saturday 24 October 2015


Honeybees in different bottles. © Olalekan Oduntan

I went to a local herbs seller not quite long ago and i came across this multi purpose cures for our different ailments called natural honey. The natural honey made from the bees is a wonderful gift for mankind. There are two other types of honey sold at the market, and they are sugarcane honey and sugar honey. These two are made into honey to deceive the buyer who does not know the original one to purchase theIIugarcane honey which is the fake one. 

Sugar or sugarcane honey is easily and usually invaded by the ants and it is always in watery form. The natural honey cannot be easily invaded by ants and it is always very thick. In fact, while in bottle, if turned upside down, it does not spill out like the other afore mentioned one. Honey, if taken regularly takes care of our skin making it to glow. 

Honey fights sicknesses like malaria, diabetics, jaundice, eyesight problems e.t.c. In the traditional circles, honey plays a lot of important roles during prayers because it is always put in the mouth to taste before and after praying. Honey is made use of during marriage ceremony as it is used to pray for the husband and wife to have a sweet and enjoyable life, and the couple are asked to have a taste of it too. 

It is also used during naming ceremony to pray for the new born baby to have a blissful life, and it is put in the baby's mouth as a sign of the aforementioned wish. Honey is also sometimes prescribed to add and to be taken with certain traditional medicine or herbs for efficacy in the traditional and spiritual circles. 

Honey is used during all sorts of celebration because it is a demanding item to grace or sweeten beautiful events. Whoever that says the honey is not sweet should have his head examined!  In conclusion, I pray that all our lives will be filled with sweetness and joy like the life of the honey bees!

Aye wa a ma a dun bi aye oyin,
Nitori didun didun la a b'Oyin,
Aye wa o ni koro,
A ma a dun yungba yungba
Nitori eni ba poyin o dun,
Nkan lo n so luwae.
Aye wa a dun,
Bi aye Oyin..... Amin!! Ase!!!

Copyrights: © Olalekan Oduntan 2015

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