Friday 30 October 2015


Secondly, we recorded Ginger Baker, Tony Allen with Fela before a live studio audience. And thirdly, we recorded Ginger Baker, Fela with the Beatles live before an audience that comprised the great musicians like Paul Macartney, Jimmy Hendrix's drummer, the Beatles, Linda and other world great musicians. After the recordings, we went on tour within England to South Pole, Wales and Kessinton where we had successful shows. After the tour, we came back to London where we had a show strictly for all the blacks in London at a nite club called Speak Easy where all Africans in London came to watch Fela perform. We moved from there to African nite club where we also performed for the blacks and got a standing ovation for successful shows.
Q : What was that great moment in the profession that you will never forget? 

A : It was in London at the Rolling Twenty nite club which was an underground nite club where i was singlehandedly asked to do a floor show for everybody in the club. I danced to James Brown music from seven in the evening till five in the morning. My performance was very good to the extent that the manager of the club declared free drinks for everybody in the club on my behalf. It was a night I will always remember till I die. We came back to Nigeria and we toured a few African countries before i left the band to work with Center for cultural studies, University of Lagos, Akoka Yaba Lagos.

Q : Apart from Fela Kuti, have you played with other musicians? 

A : Yes, I played with Sunny Okosun, Christy Essien Igbokwe and Bob Aladeniyi. I participated in the album project "Fire in Soweto" of Sunny Okosun, and I took part in the tour with Christy Essien to a few African countries. Before retiring at the Center for Cultural Studies, University of Lagos, the troupe of which i was a member travelled to Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Jamaica and Italy. And after retiring, I have taken my own group DZENBII DANCE GROUP in Ghana to America, Belgium, Holland, England and France. One of my children has taken after me already, and he is currently playing with some bands in London.

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