Wednesday 14 October 2015


Garcinia Cola Guttiferae has so many health values for human beings. Despite the fact that history had it that she was once a woman very close to Orunmila (god of divination). She offended him one day and Orunmila put a spell on her. She went to the forest and turned herself to a tree that grew the seeds that we know as Garcinia Cola Guttiferae today. A deity known as SANGO (god of thunder and lightning) is fond of having it as its appeasement. While appeasing, it is cut in form of lobes as kola nuts to divine and do some findings. While divining, questions will be asked and the findings will give answers to such questions. Aside from the fact that it is commonly eaten in the spiritual traditional circles, it also has a lot of health benefits and values if the seeds, roots,:stem back and fruits are put to use to take care of our health. Garcinia Cola takes care of health problems like dysentery, bronchitis, cough and feverish conditions. It also takes care of health problems such as toothache, throat and respiratory ailments, liver disorders, headache and it is also an anticancer seed.

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