Tuesday 6 October 2015


A very long time ago before Africans were colonized, mud pots did not only serve as refrigerators for cooling water for our forefathers, they were also useful to them in many ways. Mud pots were used to do their cooking and bringing water from the streams. The mud plates were also used to serve their meals and the smaller ones in form of modern day cups were used in dinking water. The mud pots are of different sizes and they are sold today by the herbs sellers. 

The pots are also useful in the herbal curative world because they are used in cooking the medicinal herbs for anybody suffering for ailment or the other. The pots are also used to carry sacrifices at nights to appease the gods. In fact, the usefulness of mud pots can not be over emphasized either for domestic or spiritual relevance. 

The pots are made with clay, they are molded into different sizes and shapes by the potters. After, they are made to dry very well for a long time before using the fire to dry them up completely. They are always made in large quantities.

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